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Condensed Matter on a Foggy Night: Art Visits a Place of Scientific Progress

Michelle Grabner, Untitled, 2015 Approaching the Synchrotron Radiation Center to view a temporary art exhibit on a foggy night in December, there are searchlights crisscrossing in the night sky outside of the industrial looking complex, […]

Dec, 29 · in shows

Favorites of 2015

Lots of great art in Madison in 2015!  We asked several art-minded people for their favorites.  Here are the picks, in no particular order: Gravity Shifts by Jeremy Wineberg at Diane Endres Ballweg Gallery at […]

Dec, 10 · in shows

Hair! at Edgewood College Gallery

  Artists have the unique opportunity to take a common material and do something uncommon with it. The result is often surprising, sometimes unsettling, and almost always fascinating. Several pieces in the show “Wreaths of […]

Feb, 20

Archeology of Memories, Mapping of Psychological Journeys and Kite Flying with Teresa Getty

Jeremy Wineberg talks to artist Teresa Getty about her creative process and new installation Pink Flight Suit on view at Thomas Masters Gallery in Chicago IL through January 5th. For more information about her show, you can find […]

Dec, 31

Favorites for 2014

A lot of great artwork happened in Madison in 2014!  We asked several art-minded folks for their favorites.  Here are their picks, in no particular order:   “Studio Relay” by Brenda Baker, Bird Ross, Derrick […]

Dec, 11

Filling a Void on State Street

Many cities have been working to fill the void of temporarily vacant storefronts and Madison is no exception.  Earlier this fall, Jack’s Shoes moved out of 341 State Street.  The storefont sits very close to the […]

Nov, 24

Studio Visit with Ted Lott

Ted Lott’s current show, Temporary Resident, is at the Artisan Gallery until December 31, 2014.   Spackle Madison: What is your background as an artist? Ted Lott: I have been very lucky to be part of a family […]

Nov, 19